So.... What is this book about? “Little   Max   Parker   and   the   Secret   of   Oblivion”   is   a   children’s   fantasy   story   with   a   12   year   old   boy   and his three best friends discovering their supernatural abilities which they use to save a girl against evil. Yeah… But can you tell me more? Ever   since   he   can   remember,   Little   Max   Parker   has   had   superpowers   that   he   cannot   explain.   One   day, he   is   visited   by   a   strange   being   of   light   who   tells   him   that,   due   to   his   abilities,   he   has   been   chosen   to save   a   girl   named   Lena   Sundance   from   a   demon   called   Malphas   The   New.   In   order   to   do   that,   he   and his   friend   TJ   are   taken   to   the   mythical   island   of   Hy-Brazil,   where   they   will   meet   Lisa   and   Matilde,   the two other members of their team, and they will receive special training and weapons for their mission. While   preparing   for   such   assignment,   the   four   of   them   discover   that   there   is   a   secret   surrounding   Little Max   Parker’s   life.   Apparently,   he   is   not   the   person   he   thought   he   was   and   there   are   important   things, a   magical   past,   which   he   has   forgotten.   In   order   to   save   Lena   and   face   the   many   dangers   and challenges   of   the   demon   world,   the   kids   start   unveiling   such   past   by   trying   to   discover   “The   Secret   of Oblivion”.
Who is it for? The   book’s   core   audience   is   middle   grade   readers,   but   it   welcomes   anyone   who   loves   stories   full   of adventure, magic, weird dreams, strange looking creatures, supernatural abilities, and a hint of mystery. Who wrote it? The   author   is   Aurora   Tactuk,   a   chocolate   lover,   writer,   and   professor,   who   happens   to   draft   and   negotiate contracts and do “lawyer thingys” for a living… in that order. ...But   that's   not   giving   you   a   lot   of   detail,   is   it?   So   read   more   about   her   on   this   site   or   on   her   own   website at
…All of those important questions…
Is it true that the author is donating some of the book’s profits? Yes, it is. It seems like she has eaten sinful amounts of chocolate in her lifetime and she feels it is time to give back some of the sweetness. So, Aurora is going to donate a portion of net proceeds from the sales of her book to Soñar Despierto Foundation, an international service foundation whose mission is delivering smiles to children in need. If you want to know more about Aurora’s cause you can read about it on her website: For more information about Soñar Despierto Foundation, please press the logo icon on the left.
Who is responsible for making the book look so cool? The   fabulous   Esther   Morales   was   the   one   in   charge   of   making   the   illustrations   and   cover   art.   She   happens   to   be an illustrator, visual development artist, and mind reader… not necessarily in that order. To learn more about her work, you can visit her at The   cover   and   jacket   design,   however,   was   made   by   Oliver   Bennett   at   Daniel   Goldsmith   Associates,   whose   mind reading   abilities   are   quite   impressive   as   well.   The   typesetting,   on   the   other   hand,   was   also   the   work   of   the   guys at Daniel Goldsmith Associates, Ltd, London. They are rock stars! To learn more about their services you can visit them at Who’s the publisher of the book? The   Publisher   is   48   Book   Street,   S.L.,   old   souls   who   love   to   read   behind   a   young   company   that   loves   to   make ideas happen. If you wish to learn more about them, please, visit their website at