Aurora wants to live in a world where she has time to write every day, her hair is always in the right place, chocolate is doctor prescribed and there’s a force field around her keyboard that repels her spunky toddler’s curious little fingers. She was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she graduated from Law School. After that, she moved to Spain, where she got herself a Master’s Degree and a PhD on Intellectual Property, and where she currently works for a major record company. She is also an Intellectual Property Professor at Madrid’s Carlos III University.  When she’s not writing, working, or teaching, you can find her baking cupcakes, organizing birthday parties, doing crafts, or goofing around with her husband and their daughter. Some of her legal papers and a couple of her short stories have been published and she won an essay award in the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago. Her first short novel, “La verdad sobre Mariana Álvarez” won the "Valentín García Yebra" Award for Young Writers in Spain, and Nostrum Editorial recently published it. “Little Max Parker and the Secret of Oblivion” is her latest work and rumor has it is amazing. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, and she is allergic to cats. You can visit Aurora Tactuk at Follow her on social media